#1 The Real Price of a Coke!

soda teeth blog copy

Maybe that coke only cost 79¢ but the average price of one white filling is $150-250.00

But it’s hard to drink a soda with only one tooth..one tooth emoji copy.

So let’s say we drink soda with all our teeth.  Then maybe we have

10 cavities! …..Or a bill for::::

       $2,500!!!!!    money copy2

Click photo to see

  • What she looks like now⇓POP1

  • How to have a soda and avoid the drill!      


Coming in our next TLC Dental Care Blogs…

                                 How to wake up and save a buck!

Please help us with your comments…are the photos helpful?  Were you able to click on the photo and see her pretty teeth today?  Do you need more info about sodas damaging teeth?  Let us know how we can help you!




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