#1 The Real Price of a Coke!

soda teeth blog copy

Maybe that coke only cost 79¢ but the average price of one white filling is $150-250.00

But it’s hard to drink a soda with only one tooth..one tooth emoji copy.

So let’s say we drink soda with all our teeth.  Then maybe we have

10 cavities! …..Or a bill for::::

       $2,500!!!!!    money copy2

Click photo to see

  • What she looks like now⇓POP1

  • How to have a soda and avoid the drill!      


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                                 How to wake up and save a buck!

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10 Worst Foods for Your Teeth


Life happens, teeth get trashed…but it doesn’t have to happen to you!!!


In the next 10 TLC Dental Care blogs, you will learn:

–>Which foods you eat that rot your teeth



–>Habits that break your teeth (these will surprise you!!)


60 copy

–>How to save a gazillion dollars on dental expenses!!!lydia money

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IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!  With just a little coaching you can keep your smile bright and healthy for very little expense!

In the upcoming TLC Dental Care blogs, we will teach you how to


… Not to mention avoiding shots and hanging  around the dental office on an afternoon that you would rather be golfing or playing with the kids.

Just a little warning…We will be posting real pictures of real teeth.  Some are pretty.  Some are, well, let’s say a bit graphic.

  • Don’t let it gross you out.
  • This is about how to avoid those things.

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